The following database intends to survey all the collective fights among Australian Aborigines that were reported in the litterature. The sources may be professional ethnographies, as well as newspapers articles or personal memories. The events cover whatever form of fight, from a feud to a pitched battle or a raid, given that it opposed two collectivies in Australia (Torres Strait islands and Tasmania excluded).

Whenever possible, the database records the presumed date and location of the fight, number of people involved, the number of casualties (dead and injured), the type and the alleged motivation of the confrontation. Each item is sourced, and the corresponding extract is included.

In addition of being listed in the table view of the database, all the events are located on the interactive map. Main characteristics are summerized in the synthesis, with one table showing the repartition according to the type and confrontation and its lethality, and another one according to the causes of conflicts.

Currently, the database includes 219 events. Everyone may submit others by sending me an email.

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Background image:Native Fight on the Lower Goulburn River in 1842”, Caroline Le Souef, 1895, Museum Victoria